Screening of Chilean film “Surire” and Q&A with the directors



Screening of SURIRE + Q&A with the directors

Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff have worked together since 1997 directing and producing documentaries. With seven feature films to their credit, their poetic journey is full of turning points and mutations that have accompanied the technological and cultural transformations of their time, challenging the most stable and conservative premises of what is meant by documentary filmmaking. Their work SURIRE (2015) is about the Surire salt flat located in the Chilean high plateau. As observation in visual language, it is a film that portrays this unique space in which natural beauty, human absurdity and cultural decline coexist. (Film Webpage & Trailer)

*The film is 80 mins, in Spanish and Aymara with English subtitles. The Q&A will be conducted in English.


從1997年起,來自智利的Bettina Perut與Iván Osnovikoff便開始共同製作紀錄片作品。他們先後創作七部紀錄長片,於科技與文化持續轉變的大環境中不斷挑戰既定的紀錄片創作模式,創作生涯充滿轉折而富有詩意。他們於 2015 年完成的作品SURIRE,鏡頭瞄準智利高原的Surire鹽湖,通過細緻觀察與影像語言,描繪出一幅由壯麗的自然美景、 荒誕的人類行為與衰退的當地文化共同交織的獨特景觀。(電影網頁預告


Date And Time

Tue, 26 March 2019

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM HKT

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Studio Room 303, Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre

The University of Hong Kong

Exit A2, HKU Station

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