Important information about enrolment in SPAN1001

So, you want to learn Spanish at HKU but are not sure about what to do. This section will provide you with relevant information to start your Spanish learning journey. There are two possible situations:

1.- I want to study Spanish and I have zero knowledge

SPAN1001 is a course intended for students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish and provides an introduction to the Spanish language and cultures. Students will not only learn how to use the language at a basic level but they will also acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

2.- I want to study Spanish and I have some previous knowledge

You should contact the Spanish Programme Director via email ( and provide detailed information about previous studies so that we can assess your proficiency and recommend the most suitable Spanish course for you. We will also discuss options for your study plan and assist you with course enrolment.

And the question all students ask…

What are my chances to be accepted in SPAN1001?

Spanish is a popular choice among HKU students and demand is high. SPAN1001 offers 5 subgroups with a total admission of 125 students in the academic year 2024-2025. Priority will be given to:

• Y1 and Y2 Bachelor of Arts students (BA) who have applied to enroll in SPAN1001 AND SPAN1002. This includes BA, BA&LLB, BA&BEd(LangEd)-Eng, BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chi and BASc.
• Y2 BA and Non-BA students who have declared a Major in Spanish or a Major in Global and Area Studies (GLAS) and have enrolled in both SPAN1001 AND SPAN1002.

Students in their first year of studies who fail to enrol in SPAN1001 can still apply in their second year of studies. Students with previous knowledge of Spanish should contact the Spanish Programme Director to enrol in a higher level course.