Sarabe Chan

Learning Spanish has opened many doors for me. Being able to understand other cultures has been amazing. I’ve always been fascinated by Latin America and have wanted to go there ever since I was young, so being able to live there and communicate in Spanish with local people was the biggest reward ever! On my third year, I did a one-year overseas academic exchange in Guadalajara, Mexico. Being able to speak Spanish allowed me to make local friends and immerse into the exotic culture. I found that being able to speak Spanish made me understand more about the social issues and cultural gems of Mexico, which was like being in another world. During the year, I also travelled to Cuba, and it was brilliant to interact with people who spoke different types of Spanish. When you speak the local language, it brings your travel experience to another level!

Having studied Spanish in HKU also brought me various career opportunities and exposures. I interned at the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong, and also the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. I got some tangible experience from these two positions, which helped me in my career track, and it was fun to know more about the Hispanic community in Hong Kong. Because of my knowledge in Spanish, I am also a part-time translator.

All in all, I think the Spanish program at HKU has enriched my life, making me more worldly and multicultural. On a more practical note, it has opened career opportunities as employers value candidates with diverse language skills. I am looking forward to work opportunities that could bring me to Spain or Latin America!