Rocío Blasco García

Senior Lecturer – Programme Director

  • BA & MA (English Studies, University of Seville, Spain)
  • MEd (Applied Linguistics – University of Liverpool, UK)
  • DEA (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language –Nebrija University, Spain)

Contact Details:

Room 5.17, 5/F, Run Run Shaw Tower
Centennial Campus,
The University of Hong Kong,Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.
Tel: 3917 2038
Fax: 2548 0487


Rocío Blasco is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. She joined the University of Hong Kong in 1993 and was instrumental in the setting up and development of the Spanish Programme, of which she has been the Director since its inception. She has lent her expertise in developing language programmes to institutions outside HKU, first as an adviser and later as external examiner for their Spanish Programs.  Additionally, she collaborates with institutions across Hong Kong in the promotion of the Spanish language and cultures. She teaches general language courses at all levels and is the coordinator of the year 3 language courses. She is also in charge of upper division courses ranging from Culture to Translation and Learner Autonomy, the latter a capstone course.

Her research interests are in the area of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, with a particular interest in Telecollaboration in language learning, Intercultural development, the teaching of Culture in the foreign language classroom and the development of Spanish studies in Asia. She is an official examiner for the Instituto Cervantes DELE diploma examinations.


  • Member and article reviewer of the research group of SINOELE (
  • Article reviewer for MARCOELE, Revista de Didáctica español Lengua Extranjera (
  • Article reviewer for AJAL, The Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics (
  • Member of the Scientific and Organising committees for the Jornadas de Formación de Profesores de Español en HK
  • External Examiner for the Associate Degree in Bilingual Communication Studies at the Community College of City University
  • External Advisor for the Certificate in Spanish in the European Languages Programmes at HKU SPACE.
  • Project member of COMUN-ES (Comunidad Virtual de Investigadores del Español)

Teaching responsibilities:

  • SPAN1001 Spanish I.1
  • SPAN1002 Spanish I.2
  • SPAN3001 Spanish III.1
  • SPAN3002 Spanish III.2
  • SPAN3021 The Art of Translation
  • SPAN3031 Contemporary Spain: Cultural and Societal changes
  • SPAN4001 Spanish IV.1
  • SPAN4003 Developing Autonomy in Spanish Language Learning (capstone)



  • Nunan, D., Task-based Language Teaching. Madrid: Edinumen (2011)

Selected book chapters and articles:

  • ‘The glocalization of Spanish in Asia: Students’ foreign language choice at tertiary level and Spanish language use in multilingual families in Hong Kong’. In A. Lynch (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City. New York: Routledge. (2020) (with Á. Acosta Corte)
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  • ‘Interactive video as self-access support for language learning beginners’ in R. Pemberton et al (eds.) Taking Control: Autonomy in Language Learning. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press (1996) (with D. Gardner)

Selected conference papers and plenary talks:

  • Motivaciones en torno a la elección del español: ¿cómo nos ven y por qué escogen nuestra lengua los estudiantes universitarios hongkoneses?. Paper presented at the Congreso Internacional SinoELE, 10º aniversario. National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (2019)
  • Would Confucius approve? Virtual Exchange and Confucian Heritage Cultures. Roundtable conducted at the II APVEA Conference. Princeton University. New Jersey, USA. (2017)
  • Is email an effective tool for telecollaboration? An exchange between Chinese and Spanish students. Paper presented at the I APVEA Conference. Muroran Institute of Technology. Hokkaido, Japan. (2015)
  • ‘Flash in the pan or here to stay? The expansion of the teaching and learning of Spanish in Hong Kong’. Paper presented at the 2015 International Conference on Language Education and Studies. Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan (2015)
  • ‘The Development of Intercultural Communicative Competence through a telecollaborative exchange between Chinese and Spanish students’. Paper presented at the ‘Telecollaboration in University Foreign Language Education’ Conference. University of León, Spain. (2014)
  • ‘The Use of E-mail as a Tool for the Development of Intercultural Communicative Competence’. Plenary talk given at the 3rd International Symposium on European Languages in East Asia. National Taiwan University, Taipei. (2012)
  • ‘¿Esto me suena a chino? Dificultades para aprendientes de ELE en Hong Kong’. Paper presented at the III EPES (III Meeting of Teachers of Spanish to Chinese Speakers). Universidad de Jaén, Spain. (2012)
  • ‘El aprendiente chino en el contexto de Hong Kong’. Plenary talk given at the II EPES (II Meeting of Teachers of Spanish to Chinese Speakers). Universidad de Jaén, Spain. (2011)
  • ‘El uso del correo electrónico como herramienta de enseñanza/aprendizaje’. Paper presented at the III Jornadas de Formación de Profesores de Español en China (III Conference for Teachers of Spanish in China)Cervantes Institute, Beijing, China. (2010)
  • ‘La evolución del español en Hong Kong. Perspectivas de futuro’. Plenary talk given at the I Encuentro de Profesores de Español en China (I Conference for Teachers of Spanish in China)Cervantes Institute, Beijing, China. (2008)
  • ‘¿Qué aporta la Universidad de Hong Kong a la enseñanza/aprendizaje del español en Asia?’ Paper presented at the I Encuentro de Profesores de Español en Asia-Pacífico (I Meeting of Teachers of Spanish in the Asia-Pacific Region) Cervantes Institute, Manila, Philippines. (2004) (with Mercedes Vázquez)
  • ‘Interactive video as self-access support for language learning beginners’. Paper presented at the Autonomy in Language Learning Conference, Hong Kong. Language Centre of HKUST and the Independent Learning Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. (1994) (with D. Gardner)