The BA major in Spanish is open to all undergraduate students at the university. The objective of the programme is to bring participants to a high level of proficiency in the language and to provide them with a sound knowledge of the cultures and societies in the Spanish-speaking world.

Structure and Requirements

First & Second Years (12 credits)

To declare a major in Spanish, applicants must initially complete two foundation courses in their First or Second Year (Spanish I.1 and Spanish I.2, first and second semesters, 6 credits respectively) plus one Arts introductory course (6 credits).

Second, Third and Fourth Years (54 credits)

In their second, third, and fourth years of study, students pursuing a major in Spanish must take a total of 54 credits of Spanish courses which should normally be distributed as follows (this is only a suggestion, students may take more courses at level 3XXX if they so wish):

  • 24 credits from courses at Level 2XXX, of which 12 credits must be from the core language courses, i.e., SPAN2001 (Spanish II.1) and SPAN2002 (Spanish II.2).
  • 30 credits from courses at Level 3XXX, of which 12 credits must be from the core language courses, i.e., SPAN3001 (Spanish III.1) and SPAN3002 (Spanish III.2) plus 6 credits from SPAN4003,  SPAN4004 or SPAN4005, 3 very different ‘capstone’ courses designed to allow the application of disciplinary knowledge and principles learned in the first, second and third years. The ‘capstone’ course must be taken in the last year of studies.
  • A recommended 3 to 4-week language course in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country in the summer following completion of SPAN2002.

BA Spanish Course:


First and Second Years:

Introductory Courses

Period Hrs. p/week

(Lecture + Tutorial)

SPAN1001 Spanish I.1 1st Sem. 4 + 2 6
SPAN1002 Spanish I.2 2nd Sem. 4 + 2 6


All Years:

General Courses

Period Hrs. p/week

(Lecture + Tutorial)


Not available for 2018-2019

Introduction to the Culture of Spain 1st Sem. 2 6

*This course is a free standing elective and as such cannot be counted towards the Major/Minor

Second and Third Years Period Hrs. p/week

(Lecture + Tutorial)

1.       1. Core Courses
SPAN2001 Spanish II.1 1st Sem. 4 + 1 6
SPAN2002 Spanish II.2 2nd Sem. 4 + 1 6
1.       2. Elective Courses
SPAN2021 The Sounds of Spanish 1st Sem. 2 6
SPAN2025 Spanish Writing Workshop I 1st Sem. 2 6

Not available for 2018-2019

Spanish Writing Workshop II 2nd Sem. 2 6
SPAN2027 Cultural Icons from the Hispanic World 2nd Sem. 2 6
SPAN2028 Spanish for Professional Purposes 2nd Sem. 2 6
SPAN2029 Culture and History of Latin America 2nd Sem.  2  6
SPAN2030 Key topics in Spanish Grammar 2nd Sem. 2 6


Third and Fourth Years Period Hrs. p/week

(Lecture + Tutorial)

1.       1. Core Courses
SPAN3001 Spanish III.1 1st Sem. 4 + 1 6
SPAN3002 Spanish III.2 2nd Sem. 4 + 1 6
1.       2. Elective Courses
SPAN3021 The Art of Translation 2nd Sem. 2 6

Not available for 2018-2019

Hispanic Film and Literature 2nd Sem. 2 6
SPAN3026 Spanish in Latin America and Bilingualism in the U.S. 1st Sem. 2 6
SPAN3028 Spanish for business and intercultural communication 1st Sem. 2 6

Not available for 2018-2019

Contemporary Spain: Cultural and Societal changes 1st Sem. 2 6
SPAN3032 Hispanic Sociolinguistics 2nd Sem 2 6
SPAN3119 Overseas immersion language course – Spanish Summer 15-20 6
SPAN4001 Spanish IV.1 1st Sem. 4 + 1 6
SPAN4003 Developing Authonomy in Spanish Language Learning (capstone) 2nd Sem. 2 6
SPAN4004 Hispanic Culture Research Project (capstone) 1st and 2nd Sem. 2 6
SPAN4005 Internship for Students of Spanish (Capstone Experience) Both semesters 6


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