Testimonial: Etheria Chan

You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of Spanish-speaking population in the world, and even more so when you are able to speak all three languages fluently: Chinese, English and Spanish – the Etheria Priscillanumerous open doors you will encounter will stun you and leave you feel utterly privileged.

Speaking from my very own experience, learning Spanish at HKU has completely changed my life for the better.  I have spent the previous five years studying and working in Spain, and each year I have only received more and more job offers and golden opportunities to work with amazingly talented people in a professional, productive and friendly environment.  In the beginning I was with the Ministerio de Educación as a teaching assistant in Valladolid.  With the valuable language advantages I possess I quicklyEtheria Compañero became a translator and interpreter for multinational companies in meetings, fairs and conferences in both Europe and Hong Kong. Currently I am performing in the musical Priscilla: Queen of the Desert in Madrid and am occasionally shooting for a Spanish online series.  Integrating with the society, I have made so many Spanish-speaking friends who have helped me through thick and thin without asking for anything in return.  Most importantly, in Spain I have been taught and cultured by its enchanting history, mind-blowing art, and the delightful lifestyle that most people enjoy. I have also picked up a myriad of Spanish habits: eating timetable, passion for beaches and terraces, appreciation for architecture and music and I am seeing and enjoying life from a different perspective with calm. Etheria-Teatro

I almost feel I have Spanish blood running through my veins now and it was all because I chose Spanish in the university.  Not only is Spanish a precise and beautiful language, its culture is rich and captivating, it opens your eyes to new worlds and enhances you thoroughly as a person.   Studying Hispanic history, culture, literature, cinema and business in HKU has sharpened skills which will benefit me for life.  It has been an extremely useful asset in my career path and has so far brought me all kinds of unforgettable experiences in Europe, and may I add this is only the beginning.

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