Sharing session with Spanish videoartist Alex Pachón

During this session, Pachon will discuss with us his artistic journey and the works that have influenced him most throughout his professional career: music videos, horror films, title sequences, rock music and contemporary dance. And you will have the chance to watch all his videos, from his early stop-motion experiments to his very latest movie!

Alex Pachón (Badajoz, Spain. 1981) has studied Media Studies at the University of Extremadura, Spain, and Digital Narrative and New Media at the University of Passo Fundo, Brazil. He combines personal projects as a director with freelance work as a digital artist in motion graphics and visual effects for film and television. He feels comfortable using the absurd and surreal to build unsettling atmospheres and new and unknown forms of personal expression, using contemporary dance and sound art.

Date/Time: 29/09/201 18:00-19:15

Venue:CPD-LG 34. Centennial Campus. HKU

Language: English (and some Spanish)


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